Dr. Mehrdad Fay is happy to provide single dental implants in Fresno, California. Made from zirconia crowns and using a titanium dental post and abutments, these dental implants are perfect for restoring missing teeth.

Traditionally, dental crowns are used to “cap” the remaining healthy parts of your tooth when restoring the functionality and appearance of your smile. They are often recommended by general dentists when a tooth cannot be restored by a common dental filling. However, dental crowns also serve another purpose. When an individual has lost a tooth and would like to replace it with a dental implant, the visible part of your new, fake tooth, is a dental crown. This crown “caps” the implant post, much like it would on a normal, healthy tooth.

At Fresno Prosthodontic Centre, we offer high-quality zirconia implant crowns for all our single tooth dental implants. This tough material is stain-resistant and can be matched to your natural tooth color for a smooth fix and an elegant smile.

Our prosthodontist and team are happy to discuss replacement options with you and find the treatment which best meets your needs. We encourage you to call our dental office at 559-439-9990 if you have questions. Our team is happy to help!