Here at Fresno Prosthodontic Centre, we understand that dental restorations are about more than just their place in your smile. Your face is a complex collection of muscle and bone that works together to help you look and feel good. We are proud to use Facial Scanning Technology in Fresno, California, to give us a complete understanding of the face and help our prosthodontist plan the best treatments for your oral and overall health. Contact us at 559-439-9990 to set up an appointment with Dr. Mehrdad Fay and learn more about how Facial Scanning Technology can help us restore your smile.

Facial Scanning Technology allows us to create fully digital, photorealistic scans of your face, allowing us an unprecedented ability to plan and create restorations for your smile. This means we can see how all aspects of your oral health will be impacted by a planned treatment before it is started. Other benefits of Facial Scanning Technology include:

  • High speed. In less than a second, we will have a full picture of your face.
  • Ease of use. The digital model of your face is simple for our prosthodontist to work with, making it easier for us to find the ideal solution for your needs.
  • Collaboration with you. The fully digital workflow makes it easy for us to show you options for treatment and decide together on what you want for your smile.

Facial Scanning Technology makes your visits easier and more effective than ever before, and we are excited to show you more about this fantastic addition to our practice. Contact our office today for your appointment and any questions you have for our prosthodontist and team.