At Fresno Prosthodontic Centre, we are happy to provide a specialty treatment called TeethN2Day™ implant-supported prostheses in Fresno, California. Designed to be fast and easy, this prosthetic treatment allows our prosthodontist and team to restore you smile in as little as two days. Learn more today by calling our office at 559-439-9990 and scheduling a consultation with Dr. Mehrdad Fay.

Resin Ceramic

Placed atop six dental implants, these full-arch prostheses use a flexible ceramic material to imitate the natural feel and appearance of your teeth. They are lighter that zirconia restorations and provide a solid, strong fix for missing teeth.


per full-mouth restoration


per single arch restoration

dental reconstruction

dental reconstruction

The candidates for this procedure generally have lost or are about to lose their teeth in one arch. After our detailed diagnostic work-up, we are able to plan and design a surgical guide, execute implant-placement surgery, and manufacture and deliver your provisional prosthesis within two days of surgery.